Regina Albrink,

PILC presents Dutch pianist
Regina Albrink to Pattaya
Friday, 28 Februari 2014
European stage and chamber pianist Regina Albrink charmed the Pattaya International Ladies Club with a performance of Schubert and Chopin during a recent visit to Pattaya.
The Feb. 20 concert at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort allowed the audience to sit back, relax and listen to the colorful tunes, with the beautiful ocean in the background.

Regina Albrink gave a mezmerizing (hypnotiserende) performance of Schubert and Chopin masterpieces at the Feb. 20 concert.

Albrink introduced all the musical pieces of the recital to her audience, explaining about the lives of the different composers and giving those in attendance a better understanding of the music.
"I had goosebumps (kippevel) while listening to the music," PILC President Helle Rantsen said later. "It was like a dream come true that we were able to organize this PILC charity concert. And this won't be the last one.

Regina Albrink (left) with PILC President Helle Rantsen.

Actually the PILC, in cooperation with the Pattaya Classical Music Group and the Tiffany Show, are organizing a huge classical concert with the SSMS Orchestra on April 5 at 2 p.m. at the Tiffany Theater. All the proceeds from the concert will be given to PILC's Hand to Hand charity fund. "We only have to sell 900 tickets and that can happen if we all work together," Helle said. "Today's concert was supported by local Rotary clubs, the Pattaya Expats Club, the Pattaya Classical Music Group and, of course, many members from the PILC. I hope the same will be the case for the April 5 concert." .

The audience gives rapturous applause at the conclusion of the recital.

After the concert the audience was invited to enjoy a cup of coffee with the pianist and ask further questions and obtain CD autographs. "If Regina ever returns to Pattaya, PILC is ready to organize a new concert and to say welcome to all music lovers in Pattaya," Rantsen said.
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